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[2003.1] イギリスのアマチュア免許人増加
With around 6000 new licensees during 2002, thanks to the Foundation Licence, the number of amateur radio licences in the UK increased by about 10 per cent during the year. 2002 was also a good year for growth in the USA. According to Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, of 'Amateur Radio Newsline', the number of American licensees increased by 2200 to 682,591 during 2002. During the previous year there had been a loss of 816 licensees. Last year 4082 people either upgraded to the top license class in the USA, 'Extra', or went straight to it from zero, indicating an increased interest in the Extra Class since the Morse test was reduced from 20 to 5 words per minute.
[2002.4] Foundation Class好調            
RSGBより。イギリスで4/1に創設されたFoundation classでハム数大急増ということです。4/18までに2283の免許が発給されたということです。このうち、1582は上級か中級のノーコーダーがモールステストだけ受験したもので、701は学科講習も受けたものです。うち、全体のうち226が21才以下とも報告されています。近年珍しく、先進国でハムが増えたというめでたい話です。
According to the latest statistics from the Radiocommunications Agency, as of the 18th of April, 2283 Foundation Licences had been issued. This figure is made up of 1582 Full and Intermediate Class Bs taking the Morse Assessment and 701 individuals taking the Foundation Course. Of those 701 completely new entrants to amateur radio, 226 - or 32 per cent - are under the age of 21. After only three-and-a-half months, these figures are being seen as a great success and thanks are due to the many radio clubs and individuals who are giving their time in order to provide Foundation Courses and Morse Assessments.
[2002.7] 実験用に5MHz帯を開放
RSGBの週刊email news(member only)より。UKでは5MHz帯が伝播研究のためフルA級保持者に認められる予定。
Radio Amateurs will shortly be able to use a number of spot frequencies around 5MHz, to take part in a four-year propagation study. A full Class-A licence holder wishing to take part will require a Notice of Variation (NoV) to his existing licence. At the present time, the final administrative arrangements are being put into place. A further announcement will be made regarding the start date shortly.
[2002.10] 5MHz帯実験局の申請はRSGBへ
フルA級保持者の5MHz帯伝播実験の免許申請は、10/31までにRSGBのSylvia Mancoへ書面で行って下さい。周波数は、スポットで5260, 5280, 5290, 5400, 5405kHzの5chです。周波数占有帯域は3kHz以下です。
[2002.12] 5MHz帯実験局の申請受付おわり
Details are at:
[2002.12] Foundation Licenseeついに5000局突破
11才のScoutが5000人目のFoundation Class免許人となり、M3FMAのコールを得た。10/22に彼はRAからの特別証書を受け、八重洲UK法人からFT817をプレゼントされた。式典のあと、RAの監視局見学や地元FM局のインタビューという歓待を受けた。
[2002.12] City & GuildsはIntermediate Classの講習、試験を中止
イギリスの資格認定機関City and Guildsは2002年末でIntermediate Class(旧ノビス級)の試験を恒久的に中止する。2003年初め、当面はRSGBが実施する模様である。
[2002.12] カナダでも5MHz実験局
ニューファンドランド州のマルコーニ無線クラブVO1MRCは、CWとUSBの送信実験の許可を得た。実験は4日連続を1単位として、3回行うことが認められている。次の実験は12月20-23日である。送信周波数は7つのスポット(5260, 5269, 5280, 5290, 5319, 5329, 5400kHz)である。実験は3.5, 5.3, 7MHzの3バンドの地上波と電離層反射波の伝播の違いを見るために行われる。
VO1MRC, the Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland club station, has received experimental authorisation to transmit CW and upper sideband on seven spot frequencies around 5.3MHz for three four-day periods. The next session is from the 20th to 23rd of December inclusive and the frequencies that VO1MRC can use are 5260, 5269, 5280, 5290, 5319, 5329 and 5400kHz. The experiment is to look at the differences in ground wave and sky wave propagation on 3.5, 5.3 and 7MHz.
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