JH6RTO Collection CW & QRP
Small Wonder Labs. SW-30
This is a very simple single-band QRP kit from Small Wonder Labs, USA. Band: 30 meters, variable between 10.1-10.4 MHz. Mode: CW; Power: 1.5 W. http://www.smallwonderlabs.com/
Link: Small Wonder Labs
[Japanese] M@n}
Index Laboratory QRP-Plus
One of the most famous QRP radios. Mine was imported in '95 and it has been working very well. One of the biggest features is a variable-width AF filter. Band: All amateur bands from 160 to 10 meters with general coverage reception; Mode: CW and SSB; Power: 5 Watts. I have a plan to bulid-in a two-meter transverter inside.
Kenwood TS-180V
TS-180 is a solid-state hf transceiver from Kenwood. There are three types: TS-180S, 100-watt output power with a digital frequency display (DFD); TS-180V (mine), 10-watt output with a DFD; TS-180X, 10-watt outout without a DFD. I bought a TS-180V in '80. It originally transmitted and received five bands from 10 to 80 meters with JJY/WWV reception. When the amateur obtained the WARC bands, Kenwood released a WARC band kit. I added it to my radio so it can be used for all the bands between 80 and 10 meters. But the output power has been reduced to 5 watts, anyway. So this is regarded as QRP in my shack.
You see the antenna tuner AT-120 on TS-180V. It is also functioning.
RSGB Millenium Paddle
It's so small as 7 x 4 cm. Mostly made from wood.
Potable Paddles
The left is mine; the right JJ1CVH's.
inserted by FC2 system