These are lists of my first-ever QSOs. A real first contact, a first contact on a certain band, a first contact with South America, etc. It was interesting to pick up these data from my old logbook. I would like to thank all here that gave me the exciting first contact.
Category yy-mm-dd JST MHz Mode His/her call My call
Domestic75-03-151740 7SSBJA6KVJJH6RTO
DX75-03-291108 7SSBHM1IJJH6RTO
YL75-03-181522 7SSBJH6AKPJH6RTO
Category yy-mm-dd JST MHz Mode His/her call My call
Asia75-03-151740 7SSBJA6KVJJH6RTO
Oceania75-05-031430 21SSBJD1YAAJH6RTO
Europe75-10-171542 21SSBUK3AAOJH6RTO
Africa76-03-141716 21SSBZS5ZIJH6RTO
N America76-08-281322 7CWWA6TLVJH6RTO
S America75-12-071606 21SSBPY4AKLJH6RTO
Antarctica97-11-271935 14SSBVP8CTR7L3TDU
/mm75-05-301421 28SSBJA7RWP/mmJH6RTO
Category yy-mm-dd JST MHz Mode His/her call My call
CW-A1A76-08-281322 7CWWA6TLVJH6RTO
MCW-F2A01-07-080925 2427MCWJI2ZPO7L3TDU
AM-H3E96-12-231015 50AM7K1PEO7L3TDU
AM-A3E97-06-221123 50AM7K3OMS/17L3TDU
SSB75-03-151740 7SSBJA6KVJJH6RTO
FM82-07-080015 144FMJA6YCEJH6RTO
RTTY03-02-082007 14RTTYZL2AMI7L3TDU
JT4403-03-112140 1294JT447L1RLL7L3TDU
FSK44103-05-042200 1294FSK441JK1HIX7L3TDU
SSTV-J2F97-08-091145 21SSTVJH1PAW7L3TDU
Category yy-mm-dd JST MHz Mode His/her call My call
160 m96-09-282022 1.9CWJH1RYE/17L3TDU
80 m75-07-292100 3.5SSBJA6ZCKJH6RTO
40 m75-03-151740 7SSBJA6KVJJH6RTO
30 m95-10-201819 10.1CWYE8TI7L3TDU/6
20 m81-10-101915 14SSBJA8YECJH6RTO
17 m95-06-101756 18CWJA1IVL7L3TDU
15 m75-03-272005 21SSBJG1PCAJH6RTO
12 m96-07-051054 24CWJN6SBX/6JH6RTO/1
10 m75-04-282303 28SSBJA6YJKJH6RTO
6 m95-06-282221 50SSBJE8AFH/17L3TDU
2 m82-07-080015 144FMJA6YCEJH6RTO
70 cm83-04-112149 430FMJR6PEQJH6RTO
23 cm96-12-221608 1295FMJM1ANA7L3TDU
13 cm98-07-042103 2427FMJA1YPZ7L3TDU
5 cm99-11-230936 5760FM7N3UUH/17L3TDU
3 cm02-07-172306 10240FMJA1CUY7L3TDU
1.2 cm05-05-151030 24020FMJA6REH/1JH6RTO/1
Satellite99-01-011541 FO-29CWUA0CA7L3TDU
Meteor Sc98-11-150331 50SSBJJ8FYP/87L3TDU
inserted by FC2 system